Are You A Furniture Painter Looking To Up Your Game?

Then this Painter's Playground Inner Circle is the perfect group to join. This is a private group for creatives to come together to gain support, create, share ideas, learn new techniques, brush up on old techniques and just have fun! 

Yes, I Want to be a Founding Member.

Are You Ready To Be A Founding Member?

Founding members will have a huge role in this group.  Founding members are going to be the backbone of this group.  You will help me decide what this group is to become.  Together we will decide what we want to do, how we will do it and when we will do it.  I have a few ideas, but with your input, we will design the perfect creative group that all members will love.

Founding Membership Lifetime Discount

Founding members will be offered the membership group at a steep discount for the lifetime of their membership as a thank you for helping shape the PP Inner Circle.

Amazing Content Will Be Delivered

Does it always seem like something new is coming out whether a product or technique? This group will help you stay up to date on this. Plus, everything you learn will be located in one place with a search feature for easy access to past lessons.

I Want To Be A Founding Member!

There will be a limited time that Founding Memberships will be offered.  This will allow me to get started with my core group and focus only on my core group and what they think the Painter's Playground Inner Circle should be.  Sign up below to register for the LIVE video Thursday, May 21 at 7PM.  Registration for The Painter's  Playground starts May 21.

Put Me On List

What You Get Every Month

 Week One:  Painting Technique

Week Two: Monthly Mentoring

Week Three: Live Q +A

Week Four:  Bonus  (include one of the following; guest painter, live group painting, favorite video of week, etc.

**** But this is not set in stone!   You are founding members, you will help me create and develop what works best and what you want this group to become!!


  • 20% off all online courses (I have a few I am working on)
  • 15% off all paint supplies on my website
  • Facebook group that supports community and a place to share and discuss.
  • Everything you learn or need in the group will be together in one spot with a search feature that makes finding past topics a breeze!



...I really look forward to the classes you offer....they’re fun and I love creating beautiful things. The making rust class was amazing...I’m rusting everything I get my hands on.


"I have known Shannon  for more than five years and deem her not just a friend, but a mentor as well. I have attended her many classes for painting techniques and craft classes and hope to be at even more in the near future.  Shannon has a way of sharing her knowledge of the subject in a casual way, that says to the students, YES, you can do this!!    I cannot think of anyone who would not enjoy being in her classes as well as making a great new friend."


"The class was not only entertaining, but received a lot of good info. Appreciate Shannon’s ideas and patience, she knows her “stuff” and is willing to share not only techniques but short cuts she has learned. It was just what I needed, met some lovely and like minded ladies."

I Am Ready To Be A Founding Member!

The Painter's Playground Inner Circle will be available May 21.  Please sign up for a LIVE event where I will be talking about The Painter's Playground.

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